Seaside Florida, Beach Engagement Photography: Kellie + Seger

There is almost always a moment. A moment when you look at the person you love and just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. For Kellie, that moment came as she was atop the world, watching the world pass by through the clouds as she and Seger flew home from his home in Texas. She reflected on how eagerly his family welcomed her as their own and her heart practically ached from the fullness she felt from their Thanksgiving together. She knew. Looking at Seger, taking his hand, she just knew. She was his and he was hers…

With the sounds of Seaside all around, they walked together. Mimosa and beer in hand, taking in the sounds… Their engagement session held the ever present hot Florida breeze as the sounds of the ocean tried to reach it way to the shore.  One of the amazing things about the ocean, despite the heat of the day, its kisses leaving a coolness to the sand as the two walked hand in hand down the shore. As they held each other, walking through the coolness of the wet sand, the anticipation of their wedding day drew ever closer. And as the two of them say, as they quote Seger’s namesake, they cannot wait to “turn the page”.