Swimming with Mermaids

I had a Tamagotchi pet when I was nine or ten. I kept that thing on into my middle school years because, well, let’s face it, I was weird and into things way below my age group. Eventually, as my interests moved on to Pokemon, then Sailor Moon, then Mary Kate and Ashley Olson’s new show that inspired one oh-so-terrible perm, my little digital egg turned pet eventually got neglected.

Like my Tamagotchi, my blog has slowly been neglected. I haven’t touched it since April 14th…nearly eight weeks ago – eight!? The last thing I blogged was a dear friends maternity photos, who now has birthed her little one and I’ve taken three different series of photos of the adorable little squishy bundle since then! It’s no mystery to me why there’s been such a lapse in blogging – I’ve been unable to focus, unable to write. You see, life happened. Big, new, slightly scary, unexpected life altering things. The sort of things that sort of knock you on your butt while you figure out how to go about handling them. You know how when we’re little we can’t wait to grow up; we practically beg to be able to make our own decisions. But then we get there and we start to wonder why Peter Pan never appeared to take us to Neverland to swim with the mermaids.

So, before that little scull and crossbones appears over my blog like it did for my sad little Tamagotchi, I’m going to start breathing some life back into this blog! And who knows, maybe I’ll still be able to swim with those mermaids too.