Every year Andrew have a photoshoot. While some photographers do this to put themselves in front of the camera, Andrew and I do it to document the year. Call me crazy, but when Andrew and I are both old and wrinkly and grey, I want to be able to look back and see us, where we came from and what we became. With all the doing in July, I never really took the time to really look through our anniversary photos by Dear Wesleyann. But recently, as Andrew and I sat on the couch, all cuddled together after the storm that was July, I was suddenly struck by the significance of it all. It was as if all the images suddenly flew across my memory on fast forward, overloading me with the feeling of contentment and thankfulness. So often I struggle with feelings of insignificance, of being unintentional, of things not holding meaning – but the thing is, in my struggle to be significant, to be intentional, to infuse meaning into as much as possible, sometimes I miss the big picture of what my Jesus, my gracious Lord has placed right before me. What He has given me is this life, it is significant to Him. He has blessed me with a man I can never stand to be apart from, a man whom I love more than anything I have ever loved on this earth…it’s significant. The time Andrew and I spend together is significant. Our seemingly simple life, our being content together on the couch means more than any day I could plan.