Hey there! I’m Cassie and I am a firm believer in naps and yoga pants. Most days you can find me at the house with my son Sebastian and our dog counting down the hours until my husband Andrew comes home from work. There are few things in life that I am more passionate about that the love of my husband and son and creating an intentional life together. The two of them are the greatest gift I’ve ever been given and after walking through infertility and adoption, I’m continually in awe of the story God is continuing to write in our lives. 

I love a good glass of red wine and constantly daydream about some sort of deliciousness to create in the kitchen. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and have always been fascinated by the wonder found in the world that He has created and the story He is writing. I’m relentless about finding the story, in the how and the why behind it all. Capturing that story in the still frames of my camera for the past twelve years allows me an outlet to express the unique way that God has allowed me to see the world. 

So that’s me! A wonder chasing, Jesus loving, nap taking, red wine drinking, photograph taking wife and momma totally in love with her green eyed mountain man and the most adorable freckle faced little boy I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Photographer | Storyteller 
Chaser of Wonder 
Jesus Follower | Wine Lover 
A Firm Believer in 
Naps & Yoga Pants


It’s been twelve years now by his side. Twelve years of the smell of coffee in the morning and watching tv shows into the night. Twelve years of arguing over the appropriate amount of trash and laundry one person should produce in a week and whose turn it is to clean the toilets. It’s been twelve years of his infectious laugh and his all encompassing hugs. Watching this man that I’ve grown alongside of become a father has caused me to feel love in a way I never imagined. The past twelve years have been the best of my life and the hardest of my life as we walked from newlyweds to dog owners, to homeowners, to one of the 1 in 6 that struggles with infertility, to a couple journeying through adoption, to becoming a mother and a father. 
And this whole raising our son together part of the journey has been the best yet.

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