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I grew up with stories of wonder, fairytale and the power of make believe. My nose stuck in a book and spending a handful of my formative years in Europe really helped shaped how I see the world. Not just as it is, but what it could be - the wonder and beauty interwoven into it all. As a wife and a mother, I see how fleeting time is and have come to understand just how cherished the gift of photography should be. It's been nearly fifteen years now - over a decade of creating cherished memories and capturing dreams to build a future on. 

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This Little Family of Mine

In 2008, I picked up a camera and filled a business license. Inspired by my own wedding photographers, I was enamored with the idea of reliving the emotion of my own wedding day over and over again. At the encouragement of my husband, I followed that passion for love, for marriage and the beauty found in the wedding day.

I believe in love. I believe in marriage. I believe that there is beauty found in the most quiet of moments. It’s my goal as your wedding photographer to capture your story with intentionality and ease. Joining in your joy and celebrating with you, I long for your images to forever speak to the love you have and the memories you cherish. 

Your vows spoken as bride and a groom set the tone as you step into life together. To set the tone of your wedding day photography, my vow to you is simple. I vow to capture your day with care, ease, love, and joy. Your life together will begin with timeless images that honor your love story.

my vow to you