An Identity Crisis Overachiever

There comes a time in the life of a photographer, when they hit a wall. That wall usually turns into an identity crisis. What kind of photographer am I? What does my work convey? What sort of clients do I want to attract? Basically all the question you ask yourself at the start of your business seem to come barreling back with a vengeance. No? This is just me? Well fine then…I suppose I’m an identity crisis overachiever. I’ve hit this point in my business more than once, which if I’m honest, is in part due to the fact that I never solidly answered those initial questions nearly eight years ago. Eight years ago I started my business and eight years later, I still cycle through times of wondering wether or not I’m the photographer and artist I want to be.

You may recall a styled shoot Florals by the Sea and Ivey Weddings and Events and I collaborated on. It was a time where I was able to push myself and experiment. I got my “safe shots” and then I pushed myself to use natural light in a different way. Typically shooting indoors scares me to death because I’m so comfortable outside in the sun but I wanted to grow, I wanted to get better. I also decided to try film again.

FILM?! Yes, film. I shot some film!


I am not a film photographer. But, as an overachiever in identity crisis, I found myself down the rabbit trail of “everyone loves film, so many photographers are film now, film is so pretty, film is successful, film is desired, maybe I need to do film.” Word to the wise, when your rabbit trail begins with “everyone else…” your going on a long journey to no where. I am not everyone else and while yes, I love the nostalgia of film and how it feels and how it reminds me of my first camera, it’s not a business aspiration. And since this session, I have discovered that I have no desire to become a film wedding photographer at this moment in time in my business. I’ve learned a long time ago to never say never, but when it comes to weddings, I just cannot imagine handling the stress of being a film photographer on a wedding day. Film  for now, will remain a personal aspiration and I will continue to love my digital photographer self and producing images that make me happy. And hats off to all you film photographers out there that tackle weddings cause I don’t know how you stay sane!

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