Rosemary Beach Engagement Photography: Lauren + Joe

I‘m always surprised by time. I shouldn’t be…the cycle happens over and over, you would think by now that I would be prepared. Time flies. You blink and suddenly months have passed. So many times I’ll look at my calendar and see a “slow week” and the next thing I know, 2015 is three months in! If it weren’t for my calendar telling me that March is nearly over, I wouldn’t believe it.

One of the benefits of being a wedding photographer is that you have to keep time in perspective. With weddings, there are so, so many plans involved. Months and months of effort come down to one beautiful day full of hope and promise. Brides have booked me as their photographer as far out as year and as “last minute” as two months. Keeping time in mind is a necessity when engagement sessions and weddings are on the calendar. While most may not know their plans for August 14, 2015, I know the exact place and exact time of where I will be. I will be with these two beautiful people, watching them pledge themselves to one another, two hearts merging together as one.


Have you ever been on the beach and had fog quite literally swoop in and hug you? While my hair that did not appreciate the fog’s displays of affection, the fog brought this incredible moody romantic feel to these images that, lets be real. It terrified me. What would the photos look like, what if the fog just looked bad, what if it looks like all my photos were out of focus, what if they don’t like it… Photographers can be incredibly insecure about their work. Well, okay I’ll personalize that statement: I can be incredible insecure about my work. But that first beautifully moody hazy image brought me out of insecurity and right smack dab in the middle of a Pride and Prejudice scene, complete with beautiful composed melodic piano scores.