Your wedding photography should fit you as perfectly as your wedding dress. If you don't see something you like, let's create your own customized collection.










• One engagement session with up to one hour of photography time with one photographer. A minimum of 45 fully edited and enhanced photos delivered via personal, online, viewing, sharing, and downloading gallery. 

• Consecutive hours of photography coverage on the day of the wedding, provided by two photographers. 

• Delivery of a minimum of 400 fully edited and enhanced photos via a personal, online, viewing, sharing and downloading gallery.

• USB of all finalized engagement and wedding day images.

• A minimum of 25 fine art wedding prints from the day of the wedding. 

Yes yes yes! Custom collections are totally available if you didn't see something that fits what you were looking for from your wedding day photography. 

The goal of an engagement session is to capture the love that brought you both together and to reflect just who you both are. Similar to a wedding, you want to infuse who you are into the session so it's special and specific to the two of you. It also serves as a way to "get acquainted" with being photographed! Once you and I have planned out the details of the session, what to wear, the location, the theme, we schedule the session and have a blast. The session lasts about an hour. About four weeks after the session is complete, you will receive a gallery with your fully edited images from the session. You are able to purchase prints, share to Facebook, or freely download the high-res files to your computer and print on your own.

Engagement sessions are complimentary and are included with the hope to get you and your fiancé comfortable in front of my camera. In light of that hope, no, engagement sessions can not be substituted for something like an extra hour of wedding day coverage. 

Okay, so yes, you can. However... When you select your wedding photographer, you are placing your trust in them to capture your day with all the knowledge talent and experience they have behind them. When you provide a list full of "dad looking at daughter lovingly" or "mom zipping up dress" you essentially are covering the photographers eyes with a piece of paper. Instead of seeing the day and capturing it, the priority becomes checking off that list and not being in the moment with you an capturing that emotion. That being said, there are things that I would like to know before the wedding like "I'm wearing my great grandmother's wedding ring" or "I'm surprising my father by singing a song". Having a list like that ensures my focus on that moment or detail that I may not have otherwise known.

After your wedding I will go home, download your images and make a large pot of coffee! Believe me I'll want to get your beautiful gorgeous awesome wedding photos to you as quickly as possible so you can swoon over them! Typically it takes me about six to eight weeks to deliver all your wedding photos. I know that sounds like an eternity but you enjoy your honeymoon and I'll have a few sneak peeks for you along the way. Your images are delivered via an online gallery. It works the exact same way as your engagement gallery. Your gallery will contain a minimum of 400 fully edited wedding images. Once your prints are complete, you'll receive them as well as a USB of your engagement and wedding images.